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Microsoft Outlook has several handy features to help you with emailing and communication in the workplace. These clever add-ins will make your Outlook experience even smarter.

Innes McLean
November 10, 2021
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With each release of Outlook, Microsoft aims to bring new features and ways of managing your emails, contact lists, calendars, and tasks to complete. Outlook has evolved from being a simple email client to now being a major part of Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools and applications.

Microsoft has also allowed third-party developers to create add-ins for Outlook and link their services to the platform. We’ve collected a handful of the ones that we find useful and will help you supercharge your Outlook experience.

Here’s our recommendations for the best Outlook add-ins to use.

Translator for Outlook

Being able to communicate across languages and cultures will help to bring the world together. Or the very least, help you to understand email communications that are not in your native language.

Translator for Outlook can translate emails into your preferred language automatically. Just select the email, click the translate add-in icon in Outlook and you can choose what language your email will be translated into.

This is handy if you’re communicating within a company with international operations. For example, you may have been forwarded an email or CC’d into a thread about a work matter in another country. It’s also useful for translating complex or technical messages into your first language so that no details are lost in translation.

Rather than asking for an explanation or copying and pasting messages into another translator, you can translate directly within Outlook. We consider this translator as one of the best Outlook add-ins and hopefully one that will be included as standard in the future.


Here’s another great add-in for improving your language skills in emails.  

Grammarly is one of the top digital writing assistants. It can check your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and even the tone of your writing.

In workplace emails, it’s important to be professional when needed. So, the Grammarly Outlook add-in will help ensure this.  

The add-in is useful to avoid sending embarrassing emails with misspellings, or clunky sentences with the same words repeated over and over and over again.

It can also recognize when you are taking a passive or indirect approach to your message. And it’s always best to be direct about getting things done, so Grammarly will help you voice your requests confidently.  

Just sign up for Grammarly, enable the add-in at the top of Outlook and the app will automatically offer you suggestions on how to improve your email writing.

Ant Text

This is another handy way of managing your email writing quality. Ant Text is an Outlook add-in to help you quickly create and manage your email templates and messages.

When you need to send dozens of emails per day, saving time is on top of the list. You also need to balance this with consistent quality in writing too, however.

Ant Text with help you achieve both. You can write professional emails complete with your company design in a few clicks with this add-in. It can be used across your business so that your brand voice and tone are consistent with all team members and their communications.

The service also works across your Outlook Calendar so you can personalize your meeting invites and appointments with your unique designs too.

Install the add-in, register with Ant Text, and then set up your email templates the way that you like. You can add image banners, links, and your preferred texts with subject lines for each of your templates.  

Duplicate Remover

As your Outlook mailbox isn’t infinite, at some point you will reach your storage limits. So, when duplicates in Outlook start piling up, it’s best to remove them as soon as possible.

Duplicate Remover will help you to do exactly that: find and remove all duplicate items within your Outlook automatically. This includes emails, attachments, calendar invites, and contacts in your address books.

Its one-click functionality detects duplicate items and suggests contacts to merge or delete. Don’t worry, you can double check your duplicates before you delete them so that nothing will be lost.

Removing duplicates will not only save your storage space – it will help you speed up Outlook’s performance and yours too!

Set up Duplicate Remover with your Outlook and just click the ‘remove duplicates’ button on the top ribbon. You can also merge conflicting items, and merge or clean up your contacts from here too.


None of our lists would be complete without including SyncGene. It’s one of the best Outlook add-ins that’s not an add-in. Ok, although it doesn’t function directly as an Outlook add-in, the concept is the same, just without any installations.

Your Outlook 365 contacts, calendars, and reminders are synchronized through the cloud service so you can access everything on other platforms and devices. This means you can see the same calendars and address books across Outlook, Google, and iCloud wherever you are.  

Bringing everything together is ideal for saving time, staying organized and productive with your work. There’s no need to check multiple applications trying to find what you need – SyncGene consolidates all your essential data together for you.

Simply sign up for SyncGene, select your Outlook 365 account as a source to sync from, and add another account that you would like to sync your Outlook data with.

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