SyncGene Enterprise – Synchronization Case Study: College in United Kingdom

Taking care of the students and class materials is enough work for the staff at one of the College in the UK. With current technologies having to struggle with scheduling and matching all classes on multiple calendars is the last thing that they need. See how SyncGene Enterprise helped that College bring some ease and productivity.

Case Studies

College of choice

Our client is a long-standing College in the United Kingdom. In half a decade they've introduced a fantastic range of both academic and professional programmes, fabulous facilities to study and work in, expert staff, an extensive support network, and great transport links.

This college strives to create an environment, that enables students to succeed by pioneering innovative approaches to education and training as well as inspiring ambition and co-creating sustainable futures with individuals, businesses, and communities.

And since there are 34 programmes and many students the College has grown a large team of 350 professionals in each field. Which in turn leads to many classes and schedules that need to matchup. So, having updated and synchronized calendars are essential for everyone.

The Challenge

Some time ago this College merged with another educational institution where staff used Google Calendar and had all the professors using Google Workspace. However, here staff used O365, which lead to an issue.

The college staff was using two different platforms for scheduling classes, and they couldn’t see each other’s calendars. There were problems with double-booking classrooms and unclear timeslots when classrooms are free. It was time-consuming and difficult to manage, not to mention confusion among students if some double-bookings happen.

Eventually, they decided they want all members of staff to be on one tenant - O365. So they needed to sync Google Workspace and O365.

Our Solution

Thus, they found a great solution to this troublesome situation – SyncGene Enterprise.

Two-way synchronization was set up between both platforms and all the staff members could see the calendar and events up to date.

Now that they can see true-calendar availability the main problem, double-bookings, disappear. Staff can easily check if the classroom they intended to book is free and if not, who booked it. Not to mention the decreased manual work of putting all schedules from one calendar to another by hand. During that time everyone can get other tasks done or enjoy a little break they deserve.

Most importantly, it’s not a one-time synchronization. With synchronized updates, all the latest details about confirmed schedules were logged across both platforms that they and students could check on their smartphone or computer.

Sync Google Class Calendars and Office 365 Calendars with SyncGene Enterprise

Calendar synchronization helped the College to boost not only staff productivity, but students as well. It allowed them to save time and schedule classes with ease and stress-free.

They were able to set up synchronization pretty easily with SyncGene Enterprise. All that needed to be done was to add multiple source Office365 account, add all members list from Office 365 and Google emails Workspace via Admin Panel and after a couple more clicks accounts, and calendars are synced. With our flexible calendar sync filters, you can later sync data one-way, two-ways, or see calendar availability-only.

Surprisingly easy, right?

If you would like to learn more about synchronization for your business or are interested in a custom-sync scenario, we can find the solution you need.  

SyncGene Enterprise is suitable for organizations of any size and can facilitate as many users as you like. We offer transparent billing management and offer generous volume pricing per user to ensure you are in control of accounting.

Whatever your sync scenario is, we have the solution. Contact us for a demonstration of SyncGene Enterprise and see how you can take control of your business with synchronization.

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