Cira Apps Ltd. Announces Acquisition of Cloud Service SyncGene

In early June, Cira Apps signed an agreement to acquire the SaaS platform, SyncGene. This acquisition will help strengthen the company’s portfolio and deliver an even wider array of sync solutions.


Cira Apps Announces Acquisition of SyncGene

SyncGene will serve as an additional platform that will be offered to prospective and existing customers.  

SyncGene is a service and web app for Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks. The platform allows users to Sync Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks automatically across iPhone, Android, Outlook, Gmail, and other applications. SyncGene is Compatible with the most popular Cloud platforms including Google, iCloud, Office 365, and Hotmail. It functions as an intermediary, allowing users to synchronize data from multiple sources.  

"The SyncGene platform will join the Cira Apps platform," says Sergey Klimuk, SyncGene's Founder and CEO. "We share Cira apps' objective of providing business customers with accurate, up-to-date office 365 contacts and calendars on their smartphones at any time and from any location. We can deliver a greater selection of cross-platform solutions with Google, iCloud, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange by working together. We're thrilled to be a part of the team, and we're looking forward to working together to realize that vision.

Over the next several months, Cira Apps will be actively exploring new ways to continue to expand their product suite within each of their existing platforms (SyncGene, CiraHub, CiraSync and the itrezzo Unified Contact Manager).

Cira Apps will be acquiring SyncGene’s client base, while continuing to deliver more value for their customers. This will add to the over 2,000 organizations that currently work with CiraSync or itrezzo.

SyncGene will continue to operate under its current name and will be an added service that Cira Apps will be offering. Existing customers will still be grandfathered into the current pricing they have with SyncGene until the end of 2023. Support for the platform will be available on the SyncGene website.

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Giedrė Česnulevičiūtė

Giedrė is a Copywriter and Marketingist in the SyncGene team.

Her work combines creativity, digital world, and helping team and products to grow.