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Our mission is simple: we want to help you stay organized. Since we handle your data to do this, we need to ensure that this is done safely and securely. We’ll explain about the security standards that make SyncGene as safe as can be.

Innes McLean
June 23, 2021
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Our mission is simple: we want to help you stay organized. Since we handle your data to do this, we need to ensure that this is done safely and securely. We’ll explain about the security standards that make SyncGene as safe as can be.

Is SyncGene safe?

Short answer: absolutely.

We understand that it takes some trust to use a service, especially when it’s handling personal information.  

That’s why we use the best security standards to provide our service. Most importantly, SyncGene is hosted on Microsoft Azure – one of the most secure and trusted cloud service platforms.

Built on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure works as a platform to develop and run software web applications in the cloud. Azure benefits from the multi-layered, state-of-art security provided by Microsoft. All aspects of the system are created with security in mind.

Using customized hardware, its security controls are integrated into both the hardware and firmware of the Azure system. The software and network itself utilizes the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to protect, discover and take action against attacks or vulnerabilities.

This network is built upon Microsoft’s global cyberdefense operations, and uses both collective research and machine learning to protect the platform from all kinds of cyberattacks. In addition, all data transferred through the Azure network is encrypted whilst stored.    

Azure itself is subject to third-party audits to verify its rigorous security controls, and both international and industry specific compliance standards.  

All of these factors ensure that Azure is the premier platform in the world for data security.

You can see why we’ve built SyncGene with it.

Transfer, Sync and Backup Securely

Firstly, we should state that SyncGene does not store any synced data of yours – it is simply passed on through our service via Microsoft Azure. As mentioned before, your synced data is encrypted and securely synchronized to your devices and services.

Data to be synced across platforms (such as your contacts and calendars) is fetched and written straightaway to your connected sources. Your data is retrieved using an API – a component that SyncGene has been authorized to access.  

Let’s take syncing contacts from Google to Microsoft Outlook as an example.

SyncGene is registered to use Google’s API to fetch your contact data. You allow SyncGene to securely access your contacts via the Google API, and then sync it to Outlook using Microsoft’s API.

What about data backups?

Backups are not stored on SyncGene either. If you recover data from a previous sync, you are accessing a backup from your personal Google Drive.

One note: your Google Drive is only connected if you are using Google as one of your sync sources. Data is securely stored on your Google Drive and is backed up every 30 days by SyncGene.

Certified Safe

The way that you access SyncGene through our website is also secure. Our website’s security certificate is issued by Sectigo, the leading commercial Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate provider.  

The SSL certificate verifies both our website and the users accessing it as genuine. It also encrypts data being sent, such as passwords and your payment details. This ensures that your data is private and has not been interfered with whilst being sent.

You can view our security certificate by clicking the lock icon typically found next to the address bar in your browser.

Log in Securely

If you log in to SyncGene via Google, Facebook or Microsoft, you’ll use OAuth to grant access to the service. OAuth allows you to validate your identity and access a website without giving away your password.

When signing in with an email and password, SyncGene saves an authorization token to connect to the account. For times when a user’s identity is not cached from previously or the browser is not authenticated, the password will be stored securely and encrypted on SyncGene’s servers.

Secure Payments

We’re often asked about how we take payments and how our recurring payments work. You can pay for our services using either PayPal or credit card.

If making a payment on our website with a credit card, your card details are securely encrypted during the payment process and are not saved with us. For recurring payments, card information is stored securely with the help of PayPal and their airtight secure servers.  

If using PayPal directly, your payment details are still stored in your PayPal account and the transaction is made through their portal. PayPal then provide us with the payment reference ID to confirm a successful transaction.  

GDPR Compliant

To ensure any other personal data of yours is protected, we follow European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These laws and its framework ensure that your data is kept private and that you have control how your data is handled.  

At its fundamentals, GDPR gives you the right to access, update and correct, or withdraw any information that a company holds on you. This can include your name, address, company, or email address. A dedicated member of our team is responsible for controlling customer data in compliance with GDPR laws and regulations.  

You can read our Privacy Policy for further information.

Safety Guaranteed

By now, you can see that SyncGene is the most reliable service to sync important data across accounts.  

We do our utmost to keep your data safe and ensure that every step is covered for security. Every aspect from logging in, making a payment or syncing data is done securely and with your privacy in mind.  

You can be confident in staying synchronized securely with SyncGene. And it doesn't have to be complicated. You can easily sync your contacts, calendars and tasks across accounts and numerous devices, in just a few steps.

We will always help you to stay organized at work or home with automatic synchronization.

If you have any questions about our security standards, please get in touch by email for further information.  

Get started with syncing now.

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