SyncGene Enterprise – Migration Case Study: Laerdal

In the world of healthcare, it is vital that the service never stops. Here is how SyncGene Enterprise helped Laerdal – a leading medical provider – with a migration scenario to ensure their essential work continued.

Innes McLean
July 1, 2021
Case Studies

Helping Save Lives

Laerdal Medical provides healthcare services and solutions focused on a common mission of helping to save lives. Their emergency medical products are used in hospitals, educational institutions, and voluntary organizations worldwide. They are also known for developing the world’s first lifelike manikin used for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation training in 1960.

Recently, Laerdal acquired another company into their operations and with such a merger comes the need to unify all work processes. One example of this was the software being used in each business.

Laerdal needed their new company to be on the same page as them – specifically, using Microsoft Office 365 instead of G Suite (now Google Workspace). To integrate the former business’ connections and scheduling systems to the new company, a solution was needed for migrating contacts and calendars from G Suite to Office 365.  

The Challenge

Ensuring that all their organization was using Office 365 was an important matter for Laerdal. The only challenge was the limited time frame that they wanted to transition the acquired company from one software to the other.  

Laerdal Medical contacted SyncGene to help the company migrate in one weekend from G Suite to Office 365. This was to ensure that there was no prolonged downtime in either business, especially in the healthcare industry where the reliance on a service can make a life-changing difference.

Laerdal aimed to make the contacts and calendar service migration a one-time switch from G Suite to Office 365. It was essential that all users were migrated at the same time and in one-go without any hiccups or running issues.

Another key point for Laerdal was making the migration effortless for all those involved – from the staff using the service to the administrators responsible for the company’s infrastructure. The acquired company needed the new service to be up-and-running on Monday with no complicated coding or server set-ups required.

Our Solution

SyncGene Enterprise was designed with such migration cases in mind.

The method of transferring this data from G Suite to Office 365 was made possible with our unique synchronization solution. Instead of syncing contacts and calendars across both platforms as usual, Laerdal chose to use SyncGene’s one-way synchronization option from G Suite to Office 365.

This way contacts and calendar information could be synchronized to the new platform without duplicates or loss of data.  

Laerdal’s team responsible for the migration was able to manage and onboard team members with no further action required from the staff members using the new platform. This was all possible on SyncGene Enterprise’s Admin Panel where the team could set-up synchronization sources and manage users and their access rights straight from the service.

Everything went as planned and the migration was completed smoothly within a short period of time on Saturday. On Monday, the new Laerdal team members were ready to start using Office 365 whilst keeping all their familiar address books and calendar events from G Suite.

Migrate from G Suite to Office 365 with SyncGene Enterprise

SyncGene Enterprise helped Laerdal Medical to migrate all their most important contacts and calendars in a quick and easy way. Our synchronization scenario enabled the company to stay productive and organized without stopping their essential work.

If you are interested in using SyncGene Enterprise for a migration solution or continuous synchronization between platforms, we can help you find exactly what you need.

Our account managers can find the perfect solution for you and customize SyncGene Enterprise exclusively for your environment. With the potential for unlimited users, the service is suitable for your entire organization or extended operations. We also offer generous volume pricing per user and simple billing management to make accounting transparent and manageable for your business.  

Save time for what really matters by using SyncGene Enterprise. Contact us for a demonstration and let us help you make a difference with synchronization.

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