SyncGene Enterprise – Synchronization Case Study: Greens List

Barristers and lawyers have enough to contend with as it is. Having an overbooked and chaotic calendar is the last thing that they need. See how SyncGene Enterprise helped Greens List Barristers bring some law and order to their calendars.

Innes McLean
July 1, 2021
Case Studies

Upholding The Law

Greens List Barristers is the leading barrister agency in Victoria, Australia. They provide administrative services to their members and the lawyers using them across the region. With over 260 highly qualified barristers in their register, they have a range of specialists to represent every legal matter and a team of clerks to aid them.

Greens List’s clerks act like an agent for their barristers – they are familiar with the skills, legal expertise, and availability of each member. Each clerk needs to liaise with their members and assist with scheduling meetings for their clients. So, having updated and accurate calendars is essential in this line of work.

The Challenge

When trying to schedule appointments with lawyers and other staff at The Victorian Bar, Greens List would frequently have issues.  

There were problems with double-bookings, missing calendar events and failed RSVPs across the board. Even just trying to find a time-slot was time-consuming, with a lot of back-and-forth conversations. Not to mention, it was difficult to manage and keep track of what was going on, leading to even more unnecessary work and wasted time.

All of this was due to each organization using different platforms – G Suite and Office 365. Each Greens List clerk had to deal with manually checking two different calendars for appointments, as well as comparing if there were any conflicts between them too.  

Greens List looked for ways to resolve this but found that manually exporting and importing calendar files was laborious and resulted in more duplicates. Instead of helping to schedule events, these productivity tools were doing the complete opposite…

Our Solution

Greens List found the perfect solution – SyncGene Enterprise was used to sync G Suite and Office 365 calendars together.  

Two-way synchronization was set up between both platforms for each team member. All the clerks had to do was open either platform – G-Suite or Office 365 – and they could see all events in one calendar view from both platforms.

Finally, they could see true-calendar availability to avoid double bookings and conflicts. Events were automatically synchronized across platforms, which enabled them to stop manually entering events twice. There were no issues with the same events appearing again – SyncGene Enterprise ensured that each calendar was free from duplicates.

The calendar synchronization was not just a one-time event or calendar import either. With synchronized updates, all the latest details about the event and confirmed calendar responses were logged across both platforms.  

Plus, as their calendars were synchronized across online platforms, they could also schedule events on-the-go and see the same calendar on their smartphone as their computer. The clerks could take calendars anywhere with them and see synced events whilst offline too. They would never miss an event again.  

Sync G-Suite and Office 365 Calendars with SyncGene Enterprise

Calendar synchronization helped Greens List to massively boost productivity and allowed them to save time on the logistics of the work. Now, they can focus on scheduling appointments with calendar clarity.

Greens List was able to set-up synchronization effortlessly with the Admin Panel in SyncGene Enterprise. All that was needed was to register users into the plan and select each users’ email account for synchronization. After authentication, two-way calendar sync was set up for all users.  

It’s really that easy.

If you would like to learn more about synchronization for your business or are interested in a custom-sync scenario, we can find the solution you need.  

With our flexible calendar sync filters, you can sync data one-way, two-ways or just see calendar availability-only. The latter is especially useful for privacy and keeping your calendars confidential.

The Admin Panel also allows your administrator to set up a master source for all staff members to sync their calendar from. Our calendar mapping features also mean that specific calendars from Outlook 365 can be linked into a calendar of your choice in G Suite, or vice-versa.  

SyncGene Enterprise is suitable for organizations of any size and can facilitate as many users as you like. We offer transparent billing management and offer generous volume pricing per user to ensure you are in control of accounting.

Whatever your sync scenario is, we have the solution. Contact us for a demonstration of SyncGene Enterprise and see how you can take control of your business with synchronization.

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Innes McLean

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