SyncGene Enterprise – Coexistence Case Study: Livongo

When it comes to switching services, it can be hard to let go. This is how SyncGene Enterprise helped Livongo – a premier health support platform – transition their new team members between platforms using synchronization.

Innes McLean
July 1, 2021
Case Studies

Living a Better Life

Livongo is a digital health company that empowers people with chronic conditions to live a better life. Their advanced tools, expert medical support, and friendly guidance help people to manage their health and make improvements to their everyday lifestyle. Initially starting with diabetes management, the company have now expanded to help people with weight management, behavioral health and more.

To continue their mission, Livongo acquired several healthcare smaller companies to add to their growing network. As businesses grow and expand, the need to align all work procedures and services is a must, especially for new branches.

One change that was needed was for all branches to be on the same domain and email client. For this, Livongo wanted to make sure that Office 365 was used as standard. However, some companies were previously using Google’s productivity platform and had to migrate from G Suite to Office 365.

The Challenge

Creating new Office 365 accounts is easy. However, switching to a new platform and letting go of old habits is a little trickier.

Despite using the new platform, team members were still receiving emails and meeting requests to their old G Suite accounts. Of course, they had to respond and accept events on their G Suite calendar – since these were clients and connections that had worked with for many years beforehand.

However, this meant juggling different platforms which made it difficult to manage meeting requests. As a result, double bookings would happen and cause even more confusion.

Switching email clients also meant that they had to start anew with empty address books. Some team members had years' worth of connections saved over the years and missing contact folders slowed down their work. They would end up wasting time searching for contacts across platforms, manually entering contacts again or even accidentally responding to events and emails on the wrong platform.  

Livongo needed a way to unite contact lists and calendars from each platform. They also wanted to ensure that Office 365 would be used exclusively in the future.

Our Solution

Switching from one platform to another too quickly can have issues, as Livongo had found out.  

Instead, a transition period was planned to help relocate everything from G Suite to Office 365 for their new company. Data between the two platforms would be kept in sync until they were ready to transition completely.  

Livongo was able to handle the email issue first of all. They setup email forwarding rules so that all incoming emails to the old G Suite account would automatically be forwarded to the new Office 365 mailbox. They could then respond on Office 365 as intended.  

But what about new calendar invitations, planned meetings, work calendars and contact lists? This is where SyncGene Enterprise was able to save the day.


We helped Livongo set up continuous contacts and calendar synchronization between G Suite and Office 365. All that was needed was to register their new team members with the service and add the sources to be synchronized.  

Using SyncGene Enterprise’s Admin Panel, Livongo’s transition team selected each employee’s G Suite account and their new Office 365 account. Once authorized, two-way synchronization was chosen to connect contacts and calendars across platforms. This was huge bonus for several reasons.

The team members could sync their contacts across platforms and access saved contact folders too. This helped them to find contacts quickly and easily, especially since all contact details and preferences were saved. There were no issues with multiple entries either – all contacts were completely duplicate free and matched by SyncGene’s contact detection features.  

Now that Livongo had synced calendars across accounts, their event scheduling issues were also resolved. They could see events from different platforms in the same place and respond on either platform. No matter where they responded to invites or scheduled events, their calendars would be automatically updated on both platforms.  

There was finally one complete calendar view, but they still had flexibility and control over their calendars. They could also link specific calendars across platforms using SyncGene Enterprise’s mapping features. For example, if one department of the company wanted their schedule from G Suite in Office 365, they just had to choose where calendars are synced to. And they could filter calendar views too, of course.

Sync Contacts and Calendars with SyncGene Enterprise

Livongo continued keeping their G Suite and Office 365 accounts in parallel until they were ready to transition completely. The solution was flawless and both platforms were kept in sync exactly the way that they wanted. Livongo was so impressed that they continued to use SyncGene Enterprise for onboarding newly acquired companies from then on.

In this case, Livingo had two clear goals that they achieved with SyncGene:

  1. Migrating contacts and calendars between platforms
  1. Keeping both platforms in perfect sync

No matter what you need from SyncGene, we can also help you achieve your goals.  

With complete administrative control, you can manage synchronization for your business in just a few clicks. This goes for all your users and their sync options.  

For calendars, you can sync and share calendars across your team, workplace, or even entire organization. Just select whether you want data synced one-way, two-ways or just showingcalendar availability-only. This way, you can see all team members calendars immediately or set a master calendar to sync from only. The ‘free-busy’ sync option also ensures that meetings and event details are kept confidential when required.

Your business’ contacts can also be managed using SyncGene Enterprise’s Admin Panel. Filter address books for teams to ensure that they always have the contacts they need to succeed. You can share contacts across your business so that your contacts are easy to find and right where you need them. Save time from searching for contacts with one complete address book.

No matter if it is 100 or 1000 users, SyncGene Enterprise has no user limit and is suitable for any size of company. Our plans are volume based, so you can control your billing with clarity according to the number of users activated.

Whatever your sync scenario is, we have the solution. Contact us for a demonstration of SyncGene Enterprise and see how you can stay on top with synchronization.

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